Kuthiathode Police Station

Map of Kuthiathode Police Station
Kuthiathode Police Station

This station was opened on 08.11.1947 as per G.O R O C 6531/47 Judl: Dated 22.10.1947. The new police station building was opened on 22.12.1990 as per G.O (Rt) No. 6982/90/Home Dated : 17.11.1990.


The station comprises of three villages : Thuravoor village, Kuthiathode village and Kodamthuruthu village. The area of the jurisdiction is 39.58 Sq. Km. In the eastern side there is Olavaipur Lake , Western side is Arabian Sea, South is Pattanakkad PS limit and north is Aroor PS limit.

Revenue Jurisdiction

1. District Collector, Alappuzha
2. RDO., Alappuzha
3. Tahasildar, Cherthala.

Magesterial Jurisdiction

1. Court of District Sessions Court, Alappuzha 2. CJM, Alappuzha 3. JFM – I, Cherthala.

Sanctioned Strength of Police Station


Panchayaths & Villages

1. Thuravoor
2. Kuthiathode 
3. Kodamthuruthu


1. V VHS, Kodamthuruthu 
2. TDHS, Thuravoor
3. SCUHSS, Valamangalam
4. HS Karimanchery
5. Govt. LPS,. Thuravoor
6. Panchayath LPS, Puthenchanda
7. UPS, Parayakad
8. UPS, Changaram


1. SNGM College of Engineering, Valamangalam
2. Sreeshankaracharya Sanskrit School, Thuravoor


1. Thuravoor Health Centre
2. Kodamthuruthu Health Centre

Pilgrim Centres

Thuravoor Mahakshetram

Railway Station

Thuravoor Railway Station

Bus Stand


Govt. Offices

1. Sub Treasury, Kuthiathode 
2. AEO, Thuravoor 
3. Sanskrit University Office, Thuravoor 
4. KSEB, Kuthiathode.

Important Festivals

Deepawali Festival at Thuravoor Mashakshetram